Thursday, June 5, 2008

Interview with Pamela Minett on managing 'The Digital Me'

I caught up with Pamella Minett this week. Pamela is co-director of the Ymedia Challenge and a passionate advocate for new media, especially its role in supporting social enterprise. She had just returned from a heady few days at the X|Media|Lab event in Wellington hanging out with such luminaries as Tom Duterme - Head New Business Development, Google (Mountain View), Alvin Wang Graylin - China’s Leading Mobile Entrepreneur (Shanghai), Noah Falstein - The Father of Serious Games; President, The Inspiracy (San Francisco), Marcelino Ford-Livene - General Manager, Interactive Content, Intel Digital Home Group; Governor of Interactive Media, Academy of Television, Arts and Sciences (Los Angeles) and many more. I spoke to her about the increasing importance of managing 'The Digital Me' and what trends she saw for how we might do this in the future.

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